Mountains and Rivers Press

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Welcome to Mountains
Rivers Press!

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  • The Geography of Jazz
  • Durable Goods: Appreciations of Oregon Poets
  • Seal Rock
  • The Open Eye
  • Into the Light
  • Spectral Forms
  • La Brizna
  • What Remains: Japanese Americans in Internment Camps
  • The Resonance Around Us
  • Continuing Bridge
  • Just This
  • River Walker
  • One Man
  • Determining Sky
  • Spencer Butte Meditations
  • Sand, Stone, and Other Living Things
  • Donald Laird Broadside
  • Walking By My Self Again
  • Recycling Starlight
  • Circumference of Mercy
  • Pacific
  • The Blue Rose of Venice
  • Coming Here to be Alone
  • Kindle
  • Dwelling
  • The Seasons in Haikai
  • Walls of Silence
  • Of Moment
  • Two Poems For Cid Corman
  • Sleeping Leaves
  • Under the Roan Cliffs: A Collection of Renga
  • Watching Dewdrops Fall
  • Hut Poems
  • Just for Now
  • For Crying Out Loud
  • The Exultations
  • Invent a World
  • Any Blossom
New Titles from Mountains and Rivers Press
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The Geography of Jazz by Lenard D Moore
Durable Goods: Appreciations of Oregon Poets by Erik Muller
Seal Rock by John Haislip